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About RCMAR Cores

RCMAR is managed through several coordinating bodies made up of leading experts in the fields of minority aging research. These coordinating bodies – or “cores” – manage RCMAR’s administrative, analytical, community engagement and emerging scholars programs.

Administrative Core

This core is the central hub for executing all RCMAR CC functions. It supports the RCMAR CC goals of providing support for RCMAR coordination, communication and collaboration across RCMAR Centers.
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Analysis Core

This core is dedicated to the development, fostering, and dissemination of research methods and measurements tools used in understanding and improving the health of racial and ethnic minority elders and to promoting collaborating between RCMAR sites on analysis issues.
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Community Core

This core is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of scientific information regarding strategies for engaging communities in the research process and recruiting and retaining minority research participants.
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Investigator Development Core

This core is dedicated to fostering health careers in minority aging and enhancing professional workforce diversity through active mentoring, resource dissemination and training.
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