RCMAR PreConference

2018 GSA Pre-Conference Workshop

Stress and Resilience: Concepts and Measures for Minority Aging Research

Wednesday, November 14
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02199 Republic B


Stress is defined in numerous ways, including perceptions of stress, experiences of stressful events, and appraisal of events as stressful, making consistent measurement elusive. Stress has been implicated as a mediator of processes that lead to poor health outcomes for minority groups as well as for all older adults as they experience the losses of aging. Studies of aging and minority groups, however, also often emphasize resilience as a counterbalancing mechanism that can buffer the adverse effects of stressors. Further scientific advancements in this area would benefit from more attention to the measurement of stress and resilience. Measures are needed that are appropriate and valid across ethnic groups, appropriate to life-stages and health conditions under study, and conceptually grounded. The workshop will review the application of prominent conceptual frameworks of determinants and pathways to stress, discuss key measurement issues in research with minority elders, and provide information about resources of data and measures. The workshop will also include a breakout session, moderated by the speakers, where participants can discuss useful approaches for including stress measures in their own research. Because of the importance of standard self-report measures that can be broadly applied in disparities research, we focus primarily on self-report measures, although we will also discuss biomarkers as an alternative measurement approach.

  • Introduce minority aging researchers to different approaches to conceptualizing and measuring stress and resilience in minority aging populations
  • Stimulate new research using state-of-the-art measures of stress and resilience that addresses health disparities and poor health outcomes in minority populations

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the main approaches to defining and measuring stress and resilience
  • Identify the value of including stress and resilience measures in minority aging research
  • Explain sources of data and measurement tools on stress and resilience.
  • Discuss how to incorporate stress and resilience into research questions, analysis, and dissemination
Planning Committee

Ronald D. Hays (CHIME); Anita Stewart (CADC); Tom Templin (MCUAAAR); Jeanne Teresi (Columbia University); Rob Weech-Maldonado (Deep South); Steven P. Wallace (UCLA Coordinating Center)

8:00 AM Welcoming remarks and overview of conference objectives
Lisbeth Nielsen, PhD, NIA
Steven P. Wallace, PhD*, RCMAR Coordinating Center
8:15 AM Resilience comes of age in stress research
Anthony Ong, PhD
Professor of Human Development, Cornell University
9:15 AM Longevity, stress, genes, and African Americans
Keith Whitfield, PhD*
Provost, Wayne State University
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Stress, Depression, and Resilience among Mid-Life and Older African Americans
Irena Stepanikova, PhD*
Associate Professor, University of Alabama, Birmingham
11:15 AM Measurement issues in chronic versus acute stress
David Almeida, PhD
Professor, Penn State University
12:00 PM Salud Amor & Dinero and the impact of stress on health
Yvette Peña
Vice President, Multicultural Leadership
Hispanic/Latino Audience Strategy
1:00 PM Subjective and objective measures of stress in longitudinal aging studies
Tara Gruenewald, PhD
Associate Professor, Chapman University
1:45 PM Challenges in measuring resilience and stress in minority populations
Anita Stewart, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Francisco*
Jeanne Teresi, EdD, PhD, Columbia University
2:45 PM Afternoon Break
3:00 PM Breakout with presenters: challenges and opportunities for measuring stress and resilience in participants’ research
4:00 PM Report back
4:15 PM Closing comments | Evaluations | Adjourn
* RCMAR faculty, scholar, or from RCMAR institution
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Co-Sponsored by:

The Gerontological Society of America’s (GSA) Task Force on Minority Issues in Gerontology,
and the GSA Research on Quality of Care (RESQCARE) Interest Group
Supported by grant R13AG023033 from NIH/National Institute on Aging (NIA) with supplemental support from AARP.