Become a Scholar

How to Become a RCMAR Scholar

Each of the RCMARs manages their own Scholar selection process (see individual Center websites for details). Some Centers select scholars only from their own institutions; others reach out to other institutions, including non-academic health institutions such as local health departments. The Native Elder Research Center RCMAR recruits nationally and organizes their Scholar mentoring and training programs to accommodate this national audience. Three other centers advertise nationally via listserves, website announcements, and direct e-mails to professional contacts.

To reach potential Scholars, each Center issues a formal request for applications, with a description of its program and eligibility criteria for RCMAR Scholar positions. Applications are typically due in Spring and then are reviewed and scored by a Scholar selection committee, comprised primarily of RCMAR faculty. The senior leadership for each Center then reviews the recommendations, makes the final selection and funding decisions, and notifies applicants. In the process, selected Scholars often receive written suggestions on how to improve their proposed projects.

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